Basket Smashers

Basket Smashers mobile game created by Fryd Circuit

Basket Smashers is an insanely fun and addicting arcade basketball game with endless gameplay.

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Color Drop

Color Drop mobile Game created by Fryd Circuit

Color Drop is a fun and addicting game that involves unique color matching gameplay.

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Shooty Ballz

Shooty Ballz mobile game created by Fryd Circuit

Shooty Ballz is a simple arcade game with the goal to shoot enemy's and avoid obstacles.

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Classic Helicopter Game

Classic Helicopter Game Mobile created by Fryd Circuit

Helicopter Game Mobile is the original flash game recreated for mobile.

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World Record Egg


World Record Egg is a game based off the most liked Instagram photo #EggGang

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Drum Machine


Drum Machine is a simple tool that allows anyone to create music and be a DJ.

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